Wedding flat lays are a type of photography or styling that involves arranging and capturing various wedding-related items, such as the bride's accessories, invitations, flowers, and other decorative elements.

Contrary to the name, it doesn't have to be "flat" - it can be three dimensional as well, such as in the header image.

The purpose of a wedding flat lay is to create visually appealing and artistic images that showcase the details and aesthetics of a wedding.

What are flat lays?

There are a myriad of items you can include in your flat lay.
- Your dress and a pretty hanger
- Rings (engagement and wedding bands)
- Shoes (both)
- Veil
- Bouquet
- Hair pieces
- Jewelry
- Invitation Suite (2 full sets with envelopes + stamps)
- Any other paper stationery eg. program cards, menu cards
- Vow books
- Perfumes (both)
- Boutonnières and corsages
- Loose flowers (ask your florist for these so they match your wedding theme)
- Any other sentimental keepsakes you'd like to include

For the groom:
- Watch
- Shoes
- Cuff links
- Tie or bow tie
- Pocket square

What to include

TIP: Gather these items in a box before I arrive so nothing gets missed. 

What to include

Good light is key to achieving my signature light and airy style, and this applies to flat lays as well. An abundance of natural light is key. For this reason, I only do flat lays in the day time, and wherever there is lots of natural light. 

Lighting is key

It takes approximately 30 minutes to style flat lays, depending on the number of items to work with. If photographing your details is important to you, do schedule some time for this part of the day. 


1. I will bring my own styling mat, props and ring boxes. If you have a custom ring box you'd like to use, do include that in your flat lay items box. 

2. Ask your florist for loose flowers to use in your flat lay. This is very important in how the final flat lay will turn out. 

3. Send me an e-copy of your invite so I can bring props to fit the color and theme. 

Other Tips

I am available for any questions via Whatsapp, DM or email. Send me questions about lighting, outfit choices, and venue styling. Like you, I want to make sure your wedding photographs are the best they can be.