It can be easy and inexpensive to style your wedding your way. Here are some tips to style your wedding your way.

Many venues provide styling options but these always match your personal theme or aesthetics. While the venue's styling may come with the package, this is because they use faux decorations that are the same for every wedding. If you want your wedding to truly look special, follow these tips. 

Your Wedding, Your Way

But my venue provides styling and decoration!

Tip #1: Use fresh flowers and plants

Fresh, living flowers create an ambience that no faux decoration can replace. It is inexpensive to source and buy your own flowers and plants from flower markets. Rope in your bridal party, friends and relatives to help you set up the wedding space. Do not expect to do this on your own on the wedding day - you will not have the time. 

Sustainability tip: buy potted plants and flowers and invite guests to adopt them at the end of the wedding. They will glady do so - all flowers are always taken home.

Tip #2: Avoid preserved and dried flowers

Avoid dried flowers and plants unless you are going for a bohemian theme. Fresh flowers bring life and scent to your wedding that no preserved or dried flower can.

Research your favorite flowers and see if they will be in season. Opt for special roses (such as David Austins), more exotic flowers and add fillers. Other fun ideas: succulents (avoid cacti), ferns, and fresh fruit. Orchids, bananas and pineapples lend themselves very well to tropical-themed weddings. If your budget allows, hire a florist to do all this for you.

Tip #3: Customize as much as you can

A few tips on how you can make your wedding your own:

1. Handwrite guest cards if you have a small guest count. Include a photo of you and your guest. Tell us this is happening so we can capture this.

2. Get menu cards designed and printed if possible. Some venues, especially non-traditional venues like restaurants, have partner vendors who do this. 

3. Source for your own wedding favors if you have a small guest count. It adds a meaningful touch. One fun idea is customized Fossa chocolates.

4. Provide disposable cameras so guests can have fun taking photos of each other. If your venue is indoors, include a note reminding them to turn the flash on, as film needs a lot of natural light to function.

Tip #4: Tell me all about your wedding styling and details. 

I want to know all about your wedding cake, menu cards, invitations, flowers and more. Tell me during our program run-through call so I am prepared. 

In fact, feel free to send me your moodboard and/or ask for advice! I am happy to give you my honest opinion.

Venues are the most important decision you can make when it comes to wedding photography. Certain venues work better than others.

For best results, choose a venue with:
- mostly white walls and buildings
- large windows to let in natural light (or sunset and night views if it's a dinner)

I love and recommend these venues: 
- Raffles Hotel (beautiful architecture)
- 1-Atico (panoramic city views, glasshouse)
- Monti (panoramic river views, glasshouse)
- Chijmes (beautiful architecture) 
- Clifford Pier (beautiful architecture, glasshouse)
- Capella

Choosing a Venue

1-Atico at sunset

Read my Lighting and Color guide here.

I am available for any questions via Whatsapp, DM or email. Send me questions about lighting, outfit choices, and venue styling. Like you, I want to make sure your wedding photographs are the best they can be.